Camp Read & Beyond is a curriculum framework that is offered in Child Care Centers during academic recess sessions.  This framework is designed to provide a continuum of learning to facilitate optimum growth and development of the whole child during the summer months.  What sets CR&B apart from all other fall, spring and summer curricula is that it is designed to provide exposures and opportunities to cultivate student’s academic success and tap into those skills that are vital to students having a global impact.



Framework Summary



CR&B is an innovative approach to education, reaching and meeting the needs and interests of children.  Each facet of CR&B is uniquely designed to strengthen and enhance learning so that students are prepared to make significant contributions in the lives of their families and the world at large.   Students will be involved in Cooperative Learning Projects and a culminating “SHOWCASE” activity that will take place during the last day or last week of camp.  This Culminating Activity will provide a forum for students to showcase their newly developed skills to their families and peers.



Framework Components




We are dedicated to promoting the love of reading and igniting the power of words.  Every Module is designed to emphasize and enhance reading skills as connections to specific grade level books relative to the thematic units are identified.  Vocabulary activities are provided for each module and grade cluster and, should be the focus during the introduction of each module.  It is imperative that instructors hone in on the suggested readings and highlighted vocabulary as the conduit to this framework.  During Summer sessions, a direct link to each library’s Summer Reading program is strongly encouraged.



The primary purpose of “cooking classes” is to provide culinary experiences to students to promote a lifestyle of healthy eating and proper nutrition for optimal growth and development.   A healthy food item is directly linked to each thematic unit.  It is suggested that students become active participants in the daily preparation of these foods as snack items consumed by camp participants.



This is not about having the ability to draw rather, allowing students to discover hidden talents, express themselves, find their voice and reflect on their work.  This integration will expose a multiplicity of creative ways with which students can showcase and demonstrate their knowledge and creativity in the context of each module.



Digital Connections – 21st Century Skills necessitate to need to embed technology in all learning exposures while reinforcing essential fundamentals.  Students will delve into opportunities to learn graphic design, movie making and editing, storyboard creations and other technologically advanced developments. This allows technology to be an active and viable addition to learning.



The incorporation of dance and creative expressions not only supports the need for physical movement but, further provides opportunities for students to be exposed to various art forms.   We cannot deny the connection and infatuation that students of this generation have to music.  This component will allow students to connect curricula to a variety of music genres and interpretive dance.


Thematic Unit Summaries




Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone can afford to travel around the world.  This unit affords students to opportunity to learn about various continents, countries, islands and cultures around the world. Students in each age group will develop a culminating activity in conjunction with their “travels” all while honing their skills around math, language arts and social studies standards.



Today, students are surrounded with musical expressions and social media is flooded with representations of various art forms.  It is time to show students that they are singing and dancing to poetic structures without knowing.   This unit will focus on the origin, dynamics and comparison of poetic literature versus the modern day rap lyrics while focusing on increasing foundational reading skills.  The culminating activities will allow them to perform their lyrical pieces at a gathering that they plan and host.  While understanding the global connections, students will be able to determine if they have successfully built a new era or a new renaissance.



Young learners love activities that involve water, particularly swimming.  Teaching young children about water is a way to get them interested in baseline scientific concepts.  This unit will give students an opportunity to look more closely at the water forms that include changing the physical property of water, water conservation, water usage and water consumption.  At the conclusion of this unit, not only will students strengthen their science, math and language arts skills, their culminating activities will help bring awareness to their community.






Money is essential to bargaining power in our world.  As a child, you believe money grows on trees. In this unit, students will learn the real value of money as they research the procedures for creating and starting a business.  Students will develop a simple business plan to include a review of forces that could affect their business as well as a marketing strategy.  Their culminating activities will unveil entrepreneurs in the making.



Educating children about the importance of healthy eating is essential for their well being.  Everyone loves spending time with family and friends.  What better way than to plan your very own Healthy Meal Bar-B-Q.  From learning more about nutritious foods to developing a menu and planning activities, this unit reinforces skills in math and reading while allowing students to discover real world solutions as they plan a Backyard Bar-B-Q.



Birds & Butterflies (K-2) and The Skin I’m In (3-6)

This unit reinforces skills in reading while allowing students to discover living things as they explore the wonderful world of birds and butterflies including their habitat and life cycle.


Sure you see your skin everyday, but it’s easy to forget how important it is to your health and how vital it is to your identity. While learning about the function and structure of the body’s largest organ, students will explore the uses and affects of sunscreen, make soap and closely examine the unique qualities and uses of fingerprints.

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